Resources for parents and caregivers who have children with Autism

According to Autism Speaks Canada, Autism now affects 1 in 68 children and is 5 times more likely to affect boys.  Speech and Language Pathologists are often the first contact for families who have children with red flags for Autism.  Families are usually concerned because their child doesn't respond to his or her name, or he/she doesn't look at faces or say any words.  When families feel ready, speech and language pathologists can help families with the appropriate referrals to explore the possibility of a diagnosis.  As speech language pathologists, we don't need a diagnosis to help your child develop his or her communication skills- we simply determine where your child is at and how we can get him or her to the next level.  If families receive a diagnosis, I often hear "what's next?"  I have come across an amazing on-line Resource Kit and felt I needed to share!  Have a peak at the link below!

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