Excited to Welcome Courtney Humble!

Kids Can Speak, Brantford's Speech Clinic is SO excited to welcome our new volunteers!

Courtney Humble is a fourth year student at the University of Western Ontario in London. She is currently studying an Honours Double Major in Psychology and Linguistics and will be graduating in April of 2016. Following her undergraduate career, she will be applying to the Speech and Language Pathology Master’s Program, and hopes to eventually become a practicing SLP. Courtney currently works part-time as a personal support worker at Lansdowne Children’s Centre working with local kids in the community with developmental disabilities. Support to these children is provided through recreational programs as well as the Every Kid Counts Program in which Courtney assists special needs children/youth participating in a variety of different summer camps around the city. She has previous volunteer experience in the field of speech therapy through organizations such as the March of Dimes Aphasia Camp, as well as the London Speech and Language Centre. In addition to these opportunities, Courtney has held a student volunteer position in the Voice Production and Perception Laboratory working on a variety of different projects under the discretion of Dr. Phillip C. Doyle, Ph. D.  

        Aside from being a student, Courtney spends her time working at a local pottery studio where she is able to express her more creative side! She also enjoys spending time with family and friends whenever she can and is an avid animal lover. Courtney has a true passion for working with others, and is particularly interested in helping individuals who are either unable or have lost their ability to communicate, an invaluable aspect of the human existence.

“I am both ready and excited for all the opportunities that await me! All of my experiences thus far have assured me that I am working towards a career I am truly passionate about.”